A brief history

A tincture is made by combining concentrates from herbal extracts like berries, bark, roots, leaves, and flowers and blending them together with alcohol, vinegar, or oils as a base. Ancient cultures utilized locally-harvested ingredients to form their own unique herbal medicines, passing down the knowledge generation by generation.

How do tinctures work?

Tinctures work best when taken sublingually, meaning under the tongue. We all have soft tissue under our tongues, this allows for the herbal concoction to enter into the bloodstream quickly. Many people choose to allow the liquid to linger under the tongue for several seconds before fully swallowing, this allows for maximum absorption of the medicine and also the person savor the tasting experience.

We choose to develop unique tinctures because they offer many enjoyable creative freedoms in the taste and smell realms while also being one of the best ways to absorb the medicine.

Mint leaf
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