How to use

When to use - WAKE was designed as a morning routine regiment. We recommend taking one, or more, full dropper(s) with your morning coffee, tea, or by itself.

Administer - To gather a full dropper size all at once squeeze the dropper multiple times before pulling it out of the bottle. This will ensure you're getting one full dose each time.

Dosage - The proper dose needed is unique to each person. At a baseline, 1 dropper full is one dose. Some people need several doses a day to notice the effect, others just one. It is important to note that our products are designed to help a person get back to their natural homeostasis. 

Hold - When you administer the oil under your tongue it's best to hold it there, up to 30 seconds. This allows the CBD and extracts to enter the blood stream through the soft tissue under the tongue. If you swallow immediately, you'll loose out on the products potency, for your stomach acid will destroy many some (not all) of the CBD molecules.  

Regiment - Cannabis stays in your system and builds up over time because your body finds it useful. The more consistently you take CBD, and other cannabinoids, the stronger your cannabinoid receptors in your endocannabinoid system become, this is the system that helps you maintain homeostasis.

Storage - To stop degradation of the ingredients store the product in a cool dark place. Keeping it inside away from direct sunlight works well.