Hand selected

Identifying the right genetics is key to have a successful harvest and end product. The seeds used in our first batch of products were hand-selected by our grower and formulator at the beginning of 2019 in a small New England town. After a 4 month grow cycle the hemp was tested, harvested, and hung to dry, not too far from our formulation lab where it was eventually processed into its final product.

Connecting on a molecular level

After the hemp is dried and separated from the stalk it then goes through an CO2 extraction process to isolate and separate out the cannabinoids and terpenes. The cannabinoids that we extract are what effects the endocannabinoid system; a part of our central nervous system.

Terpenes for taste and more

One reason we put so much time into selecting genetics for our hemp is because the terpenes extracted impact the formulation’s flavor ever so slightly. Similar to wine, each hemp harvest will have its own subtle nuances. In addition to hemp terpenes we utilize other natural botanicals for taste and help benefits.


Like writing music, or poetry, we start with an idea or feeling. Then experiment until the elixir resonates with what’s in our minds eye. Then we finalize the formula and batch it up by homogenizing it with other organic oils. Finally and most importantly we test for both quality and for federal compliance. Where we go above and beyond the local and federal guidelines to ensure a product that is extremely safe, healthy, and federally compliant.


About the VONA process