Eucalyptol - Eucapyptol is an extract from the eucalypts plant. It's been known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is toxic to several species of bad bacteria that can build up in the mouth. This is why a lot of mouth washes include it. We choose it for WAKE for both its cleansing properties and sharp, awakening, taste. 

A-Pinene - A-pinene naturally is produced in the cannabis plant but more commonly known for being the dominate terpene in pine trees. Our WAKE formula has trace amounts of a-pinene from the cannabis plant with additional amounts of extract added from North American pine trees. In a recent study a-pinene was found to enhance memory function in animals.

Limonene - Limonene is a naturally product oil from citrus plants, we use the limonene from orange peels in our WAKE formula. In many studies limonene has shown to act as a sedative, it also smells great and adds a lovely citrus note to our blend. 

MCT oil made from organic coconuts - MCT stands for Medium-chain triglycerides, which are fatty acids that are an inert source of energy easily metabolized by the body. We use it because it's a good carrier for hemp and other extracts to bind and enter our blood stream. 

Broad spectrum hemp oil Broad-spectrum means that the CBD products contain various other compounds from the cannabis plant, such as terpenes like limonene, but contains 0% THC, meaning it will not make you high. The reason why we prefer broad spectrum over CBD isolate is because broad-spectrum produces a heightened effects because the additional compounds work together producing what's called an entourage effect.